1.  Please send a bottle of WATER, no Gatorade, kool-aid, or sport drinks, only water, in a drawstring bag which they will carry with them to each event.  The water fountains and the concession room are closed. No open food is allowed in the gym.


2.We have hand sanitizer available for the gymnasts to have their hands sprayed between each event.  However, if your gymnast wants to bring their own hand sanitizer to use, they can put it in their drawstring bag.


3.As per required by the State of Alabama, we are asking that masks be worn and 6' social distancing be observed by all spectators.  Gymnasts are not required to wear a mask during class.  Coaches will wear a mask when spotting or closer than 6' to students.

4.  Please have your gymnast already dressed for class when they arrive because the dressing room is closed and the restroom is available only as needed.

5.  The lobby must remain open for students to enter and exit classes, so no one can stand in the lobby waiting for their student. 

6.  There will be a staff person at the front door so you can drop your student off for class and then pick them up at the front door after class.

7.  There is very limited seating in the bleachers so we are asking that no more than one parent/guardian per student stay to watch.  Please do not bring siblings.

8.  Students should come no earlier than five to ten minutes before class.

Thank you for following these guidelines so we are able to remain open!

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